The sustainable giving CSR campaign by TMB Foundation

FAI is the power
inherent in every child.
FAH is the power of
“giving” by TMB.

FAI-FAH is the core CSR program initiated by TMB in 2009. It aims at providing chances
for youths aged 12-17,
encouraging them to spend their free time productively through
creative art activities and development of life skills,
all free of charge.
The ultimate purpose is for the youths to share what they have learned with
society and to make it better,
reflecting the “TMB Make THE Difference” philosophy.


Youth Empowerment Programs

FAI-FAH Centers

Learning platforms for local youths aged 12-17. The centers aim at encouraging them to spend their free time productively
through various creative activities, all free of charge.
The activities will inspire them to reflect on their life from a new angle,
who in turn would share what they have learned with society and make it better in the long term.
Currently, there are 4 FAI-FAH centers:

What are the key courses at FAI-FAH Centers?

Focus on Art & Life skills through the following courses:

tmbf ศิลปะ

Drawing, Watercolor painting,
Computer graphics, Thai arts

tmbf กีฬา

Taekwondo, Thai boxing

tmbf ดนตรี

Performance & Music
Dancing, Singing, Guitar,
Contemporary performance

tmbf ภาษา

English for communication

tmbf ครัว ขนม

Cooking & Bakery

tmbf การออกแบบสิ่งทอ

Textile Design

tmbf industry

Industrial Design

tmbf travel

Sustainable Tourism


FAI-FAH Bridge

A collaborative project for local schools, it aims at connecting with students in wider community so that FAI-FAH’s knowledge and activities are not restricted only to its 4 centers. The “bridge” is formed by FAI-FAH staff and volunteers, who meet regularly with local students, inspire them through various creative activities, and instill in them the idea of environment and community development.


Community Improvement Projects

Our projects extend the idea of “giving back to society” by igniting the power of “giving” in TMB employees nationwide. This is to encourage TMB volunteers to work closely with local communities in making positive & sustainable changes through various Community Improvement Projects. This also give opportunities for FAI-FAH kids to utilize their skills learnt from FAI-FAH centers to help and give back to their own and nearby communities for better changes.


Other CSR Projects

tmbf running